Niagara Bauer Hockey Challenge
Niagara Bauer Hockey Challenge
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Niagara Bauer Spring Hockey Challenge
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4 game minimum- with a possibility to play up to 7 games on the weekend.

MVP prizing for every game for both teams.

Finalist awards
Championship awards (from Bauer)

Scouts from NHL, NCAA, OHL, Jr A, Jr B in attendance
NHL and OHL Player Agents in attendance.

OHL, AHL, NCAA and NHL games are within 30 minutes from Niagara

Teams from Europe and throughout the USA and Canada

Visit one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

Tons of Vendors at all arenas

Over 30 hotels to choose from- Water Parks, Casino Hotels, and many, many more.......

Niagara Bauer Spring Hockey Challenge

Niagara Bauer Hockey Challenge #1

2014 - AAA Division


GremlinsNice Stix Hockey Allen
Game Date Time Home   Visitor   Arena Pad
15 Apr 21 8:15am Niagara Gremlins 16 WNY Red Ninjas 0 NF  3 
16 Apr 21 12:55pm Niagara Gremlins 10 Nice Stix Hockey Allen 0 NF  3 
17 Apr 21 7:55pm WNY Red Ninjas 4 Nice Stix Hockey Allen 10 NF  2 
18 Apr 22 10:35am WNY Red Ninjas 0 Niagara Gremlins 15 NF  2 
19 Apr 22 3:00pm Nice Stix Hockey Allen 14 WNY Red Ninjas 6 NF  4 
20 Apr 22 7:55pm Nice Stix Hockey Allen 1 Niagara Gremlins 9 NF  2 
21 Apr 23 12:45pm Niagara Gremlins 6 Nice Stix Hockey Allen 1 NF  3 

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