Niagara Bauer Hockey Challenge Niagara Bauer Hockey Challenge Niagara Bauer Hockey Challenge
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Team gifting for every participant. (Usually consists of a T-shirt.)

4 game minimum- with a possibility to play up to 7 games on the weekend.

MVP prizing for every game for both teams.

Finalist awards
Championship awards (from Bauer)

Scouts from NHL, NCAA, OHL, Jr A, Jr B in attendance
NHL and OHL Player Agents in attendance.

OHL, AHL, NCAA and NHL games are within 30 minutes from Niagara

Teams from Europe and throughout the USA and Canada

Visit one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

Gamesheets online for EVERY game

Free coffee from McDonald's

Tons of Vendors at all arenas

Over 30 hotels to choose from- Water Parks, Casino Hotels, and many, many more.......

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Team Payment

Niagara Bauer Spring Hockey Challenge

Junior (97,98) - AAA Division

Division "A"
Stingrays Teal
Pittsburgh Union
RP Hockey
83 Clouts Hockey

Division "B"
Stingrays White
Can Am Flags
PS 101 Prospects

Game Date Time Home Visitor Arena Pad
167 Apr. 27 9:00AM Stingrays Teal RP Hockey Seymour  3 
168 Apr. 27 9:00AM Pittsburgh Union 83 Clouts Hockey NF  4 
169 Apr. 27 10:10AM Stingrays White Can Am Flags Seymour  3 
170 Apr. 27 10:10AM PS 101 Prospects Elite Prospects NF  4 
171 Apr. 27 1:40PM Stingrays Teal Pittsburgh Union Seymour  3 
172 Apr. 27 1:40PM RP Hockey 83 Clouts Hockey NF  4 
173 Apr. 27 2:50PM Stingrays White PS 101 Prospects Seymour  3 
174 Apr. 27 2:50PM Can Am Flags Elite Prospects NF  4 
175 Apr. 28 9:00AM PS 101 Prospects Can Am Flags Seymour  3 
176 Apr. 28 9:00AM Stingrays White Elite Prospects NF  4 
177 Apr. 28 10:10AM RP Hockey Pittsburgh Union Seymour  3 
178 Apr. 28 10:10AM Stingrays Teal 83 Clouts Hockey NF  4 
179 Apr. 28 2:50PM 83 Clouts Hockey PS 101 Prospects Seymour  3 
180 Apr. 28 2:50PM Stingrays Teal Can Am Flags NF  4 
181 Apr. 28 4:00PM RP Hockey Stingrays White Seymour  3 
182 Apr. 28 4:00PM Pittsburgh Union Stingrays White NF  4 
183 APR. 29 10:15AM RP Hockey Elite Prospects NF  1 
184 APR. 29 10:15AM PS 101 Prospects Pittsburgh Union NF  4 
185 APR. 29 3:15PM RP Hockey PS 101 Prospects NF  1 

Niagara Bauer Playoff Formats

SF - A1 V B2 - B1 V A2